Bethany Waggoner

Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, Bethany Waggoner now lives in Seward by the sea. She uses both stencils and linocuts to bring her artwork to life. Each stencil is drawn by hand and cut out with an exacto knife. Each color layer has its own separate stencil and paint is sprayed to print each layer. Often finishing touches are added with paint pens. Linocuts are hand drawn designs, printed with ink and embellished with paint pen.

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J. Leslie

J. Leslie is an artist living in Seward, Alaska where he draws and paints inspiration from the surrounding mountains and abundant wildlife into geometric works of art.

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Marissa Amor

Marissa Amor is a self-taught artist and lifelong Alaskan. The beauty of Alaska’s unique biodiversity inspires her to advocate conservation through art. Her vivid paintings detail the interactions between ecosystems & simplify nature's complex processes for all to appreciate.

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