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It was nine years from when we first saw the old saloon til it became an inviting comfortable place to join friends and family together to share a meal. We finally opened the Cookery in the Spring of 2015. We strive to be a reflection of everything we want you to see in Seward - honest people, great service, and amazing food.

We have a few beliefs we uphold. Our focus is on fresh ingredients and we use local farmers and products as often as we can. We've even been known, at times, to forage our own mushrooms, fiddleheads and more. It doesn't get much more Alaskan than that! Our philosophy is that if there is anything in-house we can do, we do it, from house-cured bacon to creamy homemade ice cream and tangy smoked salmon filets. At the end of the day though, it’s all about the food. The minute we take ourselves too seriously we might as well shut the doors. We started this whole journey with the desire of bringing excellent food to our little town in an unpretentious setting.

Summer of 2109 we infused our food philosophy with the spices of Mexico when we opened the doors to The Lone Chicharron, Seward's first taqueria. We invite you to taste our unique creations that will be designed with flavor and philosophy that Seward locals have come to know and love.

Kevin Lane


As a former instructor at the Alaska Culinary Institute, Lane has 10 years of experience teaching young people to appreciate good food. During that time, he stumbled into the world of competition cooking before reality television made it cool. Not only has he proved himself in regional and national competitions, he took Alaska’s first student team to the American Culinary Federation’s regional cooking competition in Hawaii.

Chef Lane had been head chef and created menus for several restaurants in Seward, when heand his wife, Stacey decided to open The Cookery in 2015 and The Lone Chicharron in 2019. Their dedication to the community by staying open all year round coupled with his creative, unique and fresh dishes have made Seward locals into some of their biggest fans.
Stacey Lane​



Stacey was born and raised in Seward. After graduating from Seward High School, she traveled a bit, but always found herself back in her seaside hometown. She started her first restaurant job at 13 and has worked at various restaurants before opening The Cookery with Kevin to share her love of food and hospitality with the community. 

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