At the Cookery, we strive to serve the freshest ingredients from Alaska, whether it's oysters/seafood, livestock, vegetables or herbs.

Alaskan Homegrown Farms


Jeff Babitt's farm out of Kasilof, AK provides us with the freshest produce possible. From multi-colored beets to organic meats, his products help make our dishes stand out.

Alaska Homegrown Farms

Jakolof Bay Oyster Co.

The sweet taste of Jakolof Bay Oysters has won over many of our guests. We're thrilled they deliver the freshest oysters possible by eliminating as many steps as possible in the farm-to-table chain.

Jakolof Bay Oyster Co.


Alaska Shellfish Farms/Glacier Point Oyster vertically farms their oysters on the edge of Katchemak Bay State Park. They package and deliver their harvest the same day, so we get the freshest, crispest oysters possible.

Glacier Point Oyster